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Cordis 7 replies

Cordis still has great products. Just another example of JNJ letting their device business go down the drain.

JNJ Lawsuits 2 replies

28k mesh suits. Also didn't realize the hip and pinnacle were so high.

JNJ Pension Reduction 2 replies

How sad that JNJ has come to this.

JNJ, the Pinnacle of Awesomeness 1 reply

This is pretty sad. How about executives face jail time instead of paying a fine to get out of messing with someone's life.

"Unit ran amok marketing Pinnacle"

J&J Unit Ran ‘Amok’ Marketing Pinnacle Hips, Jury Told

Johnson & Johnson’s bid to convince doctors the metal-on-metal version of its Pinnacle hip implants were safe amounted to “marketing run amok,” a lawyer told jurors in the first case over the devices to go to trial.

Credo, huh? 10 replies

Good article. The FDA probably knew but only came clean because of the WSJ.

JNJ Eyes Acquisitions 13 replies

Interesting. What options would they have in cardiology or cardiothoracic surgery?

Great Stock! 4 replies

I think that is the goal. I heard JNJ also has an ownership in this therapy. Pretty smart if you ask me.


JNJ Sucks 8 replies

More than enough blame to lay right here.


JNJ Cares about who? 0 replies

Of course they have to go oversees to tell us how they care. How about caring about my compensation going down the last 5 years? And don't talk to me about the damn pension.

JNJ Interview Process 0 replies

In a nutshell, let them know you have no problem selling products that can potentially hurt patients for the rest of their lives. The job is yours!!!

Gynecare 0 replies

I thought I heard that you have to memorize the Credo at JNJ training? Does that apply to the in-house folks who destroyed documents?


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